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Eliminate self-doubt, self-sabotage and procrastination, so that you show up in life how you’re meant to – calm, confident, productive and happy. That means more purpose, more fulfilment, and long lasting transformation.

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Cori Josias

Relationship Coach | Elite Mentorship Trainer

If you are struggling with your own demons like self-doubt, low self worth or self-esteem, procrastination or lack of consistency, or maybe you have tried other personal development programs in the past but were left with more questions than answers or you are looking for a catalyst for change, something that can help you become the best version of yourself while also enabling you to start helping others around you, the Elite Mentorship Forum is for you.

What is the Elite Mentorship Forum?

The Elite Mentorship Forum, or EMF as it’s known, is a comprehensive six-month program designed for you to break through any personal limitations holding you back by helping you become the best version of yourself.

It’s a proven and effective transformation program that helps you to live a truly empowered life. It is  all-encompassing and has a way of providing you with exactly what it is you are seeking (whether you know it or not). It could be financial security, absolute certainty, core strength, inner peace, unconditional love, better health, relationship assurance, emotional mastery, advanced learning techniques or simply a better way to be.

Take this journey with an amazing like-minded peer group that will inspire true growth and success. Over 27 weeks, you will learn the most powerful, life-changing knowledge to create lasting transformation. You will unlock your fullest potential and live at a higher, deeply fulfilling level. Now accredited by CPD, guaranteeing the excellence and effectiveness of your transformative experience.

In the Elite Mentorship Forum program, I will guide you through the most powerful mentorship experience so that you achieve the highest level of development, lasting results, and authenticity.

In just 6 months you will be the person you were born to become and live the life you’re meant to live


Not Information

Ready To See If The Elite Mentorship Forum Is For You?

The Perfect Time To Create The Life You Love Is Now.

Why Does The Elite Mentorship Forum Work So Well?

The Elite Mentorship Forum has thousands of five-star reviews on Trustpilot. 

The reason for this is simple, The Elite Mentorship Forum focuses on transformation, not information. Here’s what that means.  

In today’s fast paced world, people have been told to believe that success comes from knowledge mastery, when in fact it comes from self mastery. Knowledge mastery keeps you busy, on a never ending hamster wheel of more things to learn, more things to read, more things to chase but it’s a race you can’t win.

We instead focus on transformation instead of information. Transformation means not just learning new skills, but changing how we think and see the world. When we grow in this way and move beyond our usual limits, everything in our lives can change for the better.

Your outer world follows your inner world.

If you’re facing challenges at the moment, perhaps you’ve read numerous books, attended various workshops, engaged in training, experienced bursts of motivation, followed by setbacks, and then found you had to find that motivation once more.

You don’t need more information, you need transformation. 

People are drowning in information, they’re starving for transformation. Here’s a real world example to illustrate.

People are not overweight because they eat too much. That’s a distraction that a multibillion dollar diet industry will convince you is true. People are overweight because they haven’t mastered their relationship to food, based upon certain levels of inner limitations or false beliefs or, certain self-loathing or many different aspects that can come into play.

It’s the same when it comes to wealth. People are not unwealthy because they don’t earn enough money. The relationship they have to money is what is driving the problem. If you make one shift in your relationship to money to take you from scarcity to prosperity, you will not be able to stop the avalanche of opportunities that will then present themselves for you to increase your level of wealth.

Here is some of what our 3000+ Alumni have said the Elite Mentorship Forum is doing for them…

Ready To See If The Elite Mentorship Forum Is For You?

The Perfect Time To Create The Life You Love Is Now.

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By saying yes and applying today, you’ll get a chance to join the Elite Mentorship Forum which will give you:

Traditional personal growth keeps people stuck. We’ve developed a proven science-backed method that gives people lasting transformation and the tools to create a life they love. The Elite Mentorship Forum gives you a…

A Proven Path To Excellence

Ready To See If The Elite Mentorship Forum Is For You?

The Perfect Time To Create The Life You Love Is Now.

Phase 1: Foundation & Reinvention (9 Weeks) Examples of just some of what’s covered…

Phase 2: Purpose & Direction (8 Weeks) Examples of just some of what’s covered…

Phase 3: Transformation & Graduation (8 Weeks) Examples of just some of what’s covered…

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With over 2,716 five-star reviews and counting, raving fans from every walk of life, background and circumstance, Elite Mentorship Forum will help you become the best and greatest version of yourself

Ready To See If The Elite Mentorship Forum Is For You?

The Perfect Time To Create The Life You Love Is Now.

Meet Your Certified Elite Mentorship Trainer

Cori Josias

Hi, my name is Cori Josias. I am a dedicated Elite Mentorship Trainer (EMT), deeply committed to guiding you on your transformative journey towards self-empowerment and personal excellence.

Telling my kids was the worst day of my life. I’ll never forget their faces. After 20 years of marriage, at the age of 57, it was time to go. I had built myself a prison, shaping my life to fit with someone else’s version of me. I had given up my career as a singer and all but stopped my long-term Buddhist practice. Most of my friends didn’t even recognise me. They had stopped calling.

I was someone else’s version of me.

It wasn’t his fault. We make our own beds, and we lie in them…until we are ready to get up and walk away.

I was walking away from a lot.
We lived in a beautiful house.
We went on expensive vacations.
We had money.

On the surface, we lacked nothing. My 20 year marriage was the safe choice.

Walking away was lonely, scary, and traumatic: the nights alone without my kids, the money worries, and the big one: the prospect of being alone on my deathbed.

But in a way you could say it was a rebirth. It was the making of me, and my amazing life.

It took time, and it took support. I had some amazing coaches along the way, and I wasn’t afraid to invest heavily in my own growth.

You see, there was a part of me that just didn’t believe I would ever find love again.

I was too old.
Too jaded.
And I certainly wasn’t prepared to take my clothes off with anyone.

On the other hand, I didn’t want to be alone forever. It was a battle between my hopes and my fears, my cynicism, and my desire.

I went on the dating apps, sometimes swiping left well past midnight. I went to dating coaches who helped me explore how I was blocking this mythical man who was supposedly waiting to cross my path. I journaled the walks on the beach, the warm cuddles in bed, and the sound of laughter.

I told my Italian friends, “I want to meet an Italian.”
I told my single friends, “6 ft tall is my minimum.”
I told myself, “I would love him to have my son’s kindness and sense of humour.”
I told the universe, “I need someone who can cook.”

Most importantly, I wanted someone who would love me exactly as I am.

I also knew that I couldn’t date someone who doesn’t like dogs.

Meanwhile I experienced all the dating crap that people talk about:
Ghosts – guys who nurture the connection then disappear
Zombies – guys who come back from the dead (with a ton of excuses)
Breadcrumbing – leading me on a path to nowhere
Narcs – talking about themselves until you’re thinking “kill me now”
Lovebombing – “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met.”
Commitment phobes – “I like you, but I’m not looking for a long term relationship.”

I must have been on more than 50 failed dates, and literally hundreds of connections on the dating apps. At one point I was on 7 different dating site all at once including paid subscriptions. A little desparate, I know.

Boy there were some losers.

I even had one guy tell me, on the day of our first date, that the police station had called him and said he had to come down straight away (on a Saturday) because they just found out that his stepmom had murdered his dad two years ago. You can’t make it up. But he did.

Then there was the Italian guy who contacted me in Sept 2021, who looked cute in the photo but after half a dozen texts declared that his English wasn’t good enough. “Loser,” I thought.

I resigned myself to the idea that maybe it would never happen.

I would be old, unloved, and alone. Period.

Stepping into my bold, badass self, in an inspired moment in January,2022 I planned my first ever month travelling solo to go to Spain to avoid the English winter. I booked a flat and was texting my landlord Giuseppe to confirm the details of my stay.

“Giuseppe, have you got a blender in the flat?”
“Hey”, he answered, “how are you?”
His reply seemed a little strange so I checked my phone.

Horror!!! It was the guy from September 2021. The loser who didn’t speak English well enough. His name happened to be….you guessed it…”Giuseppe.”

“Oh no, not that loser guy again,” I thought. But instead I said,

Me: “I’m fine.”
Him: “What are you up to?”
Me: “I’m off to Spain for a month”
Him: “Send me pictures.”

Yeah, right. Why would a send photos to a complete stranger?

But I figured there was no harm in it, and I sent him a few photos, and didn’t think much further about it.

A month later, back in London, he asks me out.

By this time, I was so fed up with loser guys, that I really didn’t want to go. I was kind of forcing myself because that’s what you do when you’re single. I asserted where I wanted to meet, when, and I made sure that it was just a brief date…

I was so disillusioned, that I even posted on one of the dating groups I was on, “I’m filled with dread.”

But I did it anyway.

So on that fateful day, there he was outside the café, and remarkably, he even looked like his photo. That in itself was an anomaly.

Now, I’m not going to tell you that it was butterflies and rainbows. I can only tell you that I instantly liked him: his warmth, his kindness, and his height. Exactly 6 ft tall.

I felt safe, I felt at ease, and I liked him. I even allowed myself to get a little excited.

It wasn’t all plain sailing at the beginning. To be honest, I think we were both a little cautious. Until we weren’t.

We dated for a while, he even went to the States for 4 months, but eventually, in December 2022 he moved in, and that was the start of our happy, harmonious, I-love-you-just-the-way-you-are journey together.

I wake up every morning feeling incredibly grateful to have the kindest, most handsome, fun man in my life. Oh, and check this out: he likes cooking! Boom!

But here’s the best part. I feel so loved AS THE 67 YEAR OLD WOMAN I AM. I can dance around the kitchen, swear my little heart out, be the freewheeling entrepreneur I was born to be, and he has my back all the way.

Oh, and we get to go to Sicily whenever we want.


I now feel it’s my mission to lead other women over 50 to create a life and a love where they feel adored every day whether that’s through the Elite Mentorship Forum or my own course and coaching.


Peter Sage is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, author and expert in human behavior and transformation. He has appeared on over 200 podcasts and his number one best-selling books have been published in multiple languages around the world.

In the last 2 decades he has spoken in 62 countries across five continents, sharing the stage with the likes of Sir Richard Branson and President Clinton and is one of the only people to have delivered six different TED talks at different TEDx events.

His many accolades include the distinguished 2013 Brand Laureate Award from
the Asian Pacific Brands Foundation for extraordinary individuals – Previous winners include Nelson Mandela, Steve Jobs, Cristiano Ronaldo & Tiger Woods. He has also been recognized as one of the top motivational speakers in the world by the Global Gurus Organisation and is a recipient of the prestigious ‘C-Award’ by the Two Comma Club given to individuals exceeding their $25m revenue benchmark.

With over 60,000 students and graduates of his programs, Peter is on a committed mission to teach and inspire people how to discover and embrace their own greatness. To uncork the bottle of human potential that lies latent in so many and in doing so help to raise the global consciousness of humanity. The Elite Mentorship Forum and Elite Mentorship Trainer Certification program are his greatest creations in helping him realize that dream.

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